Sunday, May 2, 2010


friends and followers - 

while i would really love to keep my DREAM JOURNAL active, more than that, i want each of my blogs/journals to be the best they can be - of course, time is a factor in that - and for me, as it is for us all, time is a major commodity - and because i have several other large ongoing projects right now, for at least the foreseeable future, i have decided to give this blog a nap of sorts and to incorporate DREAM JOURNAL posts into my TRAVEL JOURNAL blog where i believe they will fit really well - besides, a lot of you dear friends also follow me there already, for which i am thrilled -

for those of you who do not already do so, i really hope you will come over and follow along with the caravan at

and at my other campfires around blogland -

please remember, my heart is grateful for your friendship and for your following - 

see you at your places and over at my other campfires!!!  

peace -