Sunday, October 4, 2009

the noise of consciousness...

It is on the whole
probably that 
we continually dream
but that 
makes such a noise 
that we 
do not hear it.


robert said...
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Deborah said...

I sooo love coming to your site, my dear. It is visually alive and pulls me into it. Your subject matter always seems to come at time when I am searching for answers. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us...
uh, let me just say...the mustard greens with the ham hocks, soy sauce and hot sauce...fuhget about it...I grazed like a buffalo!
Much Love,


well, miss deborah, i'm only too happy you enjoy my little goings-on over here - the past week or so i've been in SUCH a creative slump - just really down and out - but today was able to put some things down on each of my posts - even did 2 or 3 over at words unsaid - so that was a really big deal for me! thanks again for all your kind words, dear - they mean so much - and OMG on the greens - i may have to get up, put on enough clothes to keep from being arrested and go out to pick up the greens and pork roast! yumyumyum!!! :)