Friday, January 15, 2010

seeking stillness...

hmmmm...i've been at my computer now for quite a while and remain unable to find the thoughts or words for posting - for posting anything at all - my thoughts the past few days seem to be inundated with "movement and chaos" [as my travel journal post refers to yesterday] - and sadness -

and, needing desparately right now to find a state of "stillness" within, with which to counter the chaos,  i think i have to be away for just a day or two - so, i'm headed to that inner island you see above -

in the meantime, i know you'll save a place for me in your "happy place" -

later, friends -


Anonymous said...

Hello beautiful. Sometimes we have to be still and know. Even if we must seek the answers or inner peace within ourselves. I can certainly relate to outer chaos of life and the need to refuel the soul and mind.

Take all the time you need.



Susan Deborah said...

Be assured Jenean. Find the much needed rest and be rejuvenated. Our prayers and good wishes are always for/with you.

Joy, peace and love always,

Deboshree said...

My sweet Jenean,
All of us have our times of chaos within us and it's a good thing that you are retreating for a while. The island is mind blowingly beautiful!
Find the peace within you which I am so sure you will. Then come back to us!
You will ALWAYS have a place within our hearts. That's the way you are. Thank you for being there and sharing your wisdom with me.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Hope you`ll find what you are looking for. My best thoughts for you.