Monday, February 15, 2010

the dream arises... dreams we put on
the likeness of that
more universal, truer,
more eternal man
dwelling in the darkness of primordial night.
There he is still the whole,
and the whole is in him,
indistinguishable from nature and bare
of all egohood.
It is from these
all-uniting depths that
the dream arises,
be it never so childish,
grotesque, and immoral.


Susan Deborah said...

Ah! lovely. Jung Jung . . . what material is he made of.

I guess your dream posts can be converted into a lovely small Art Book. I can vouch that it will be a best seller. Jenean, as I have told you many times before, please do think of a book. It will be lovely.

Joy and courage,

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

See? I'm not the only one talking about your book. It must already exist somewhere in the universe!


susan, your words so inspire and i am so grateful for them - i'm mainly happy that you find something of interest and/or value in my own! have a glorious day!


and dear trish - of course, i thought of you with susan's word - and of the irony of her comment on the heels of our conversation! and like i said to susan, i am so happy that you find something of interest and/or value in these little ditties here - and there -

and perhaps you are right about the existence somewhere in the universe - now to "find" it! thank you, trish!

Shadow said...

dreams are raw and unpretentions, without inhibitions and preconceptions. oh to be able to live that way...


well, shadow, all we have to do is disregard societal everything...and be true to our SELF~