Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the dreamer's punishment...

a dreamer
is one
who can 
only find 
his way 
by moonlight
and his 
is that he sees
the dawn before
the rest of the world


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

You know, someday I won't come here anymore. My jaw just drops - and it becomes increasingly more difficult to shut my mouth! Nicely done, Gypsy!

Deboshree said...

Oh my lady!! Hello!!!!
My net conked off for 2 days and it was sheer hell!

Beautiful words, Jenean. Once again I'm left wondering where all this wisdom comes from. Amazing. Just amazing. But the punishment is also a blessing.

Lots of love and hugs


oh, trish! you're the best, ever!!!!! ever!!!!


so, there you are deboshree!!! so so happy you're back among us! missed you SO much! yes, i agree, sheer hell when we have to be away from our net world!!! wonderful to see you again! hope your world is treating you well, lady!

The Abbot said...

I have always been a dreamer...I think the wind is a lovely primrose colour.


oh, trevor - i can tell from your dreamy work what a dreamer you are! and i agree - the wind is a lovely primrose colour! wonderful! love the sound and flavor of those words!
hope you've a primrose coloured day - wouldn't that be divine!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jenean, I`d like to hear such statements years and years as I`d like to admire such landscapes.

How glorious one can be among such beauty!


isn't this just absolutely beyond words beautiful, marius? such a magnificent sky/landscape - truly glorious, as you say! ah, the life of the dreamer! - sigh -