Thursday, July 9, 2009

the wet party dress...

in the dream, i'm getting ready for someone's birthday party - a friend or acquaintance - at the same time, it is the birthday of one of my daughters - while i am preparing for the friend's, i am running late for my daughter's party - while i'm ironing my dress at home, a man comes up to me and says that someone i know is dying, but i believe he has said that someone "has" died - when i tell him that he should not say that someone is going to die BEFORE they die, he becomes extremely upset and sad, then walks away - i know that he has driven to my house - i continue to iron my dress but it is so wet that it is very difficult to iron dry - and no matter how hot the iron becomes, the dress does not dry - and, of course, i become upset because i am late to my own child's birthday party -

july 7, 2006

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