Friday, July 10, 2009

a change in the dream script...

it is nothing unusual really for me to have lucid dreams - but it is not so frequently that i have conducted an "interior" script change in my dreams - as a matter of fact, it has been quite some time and then, it really wasn't during the course of a dream - for example, i might have a particular dream that felt uncomfortable or unhappy or even frightening from which i would awaken - and then, upon returning to sleep, i would tell myself that i wanted to continue the same dream but with a change in the course of the dream's action - or whatever - and upon falling back to sleep, the dream would pick up where it had left off but with the new turn - one i had chosen - or - i frequently become the observer as well as the participant in my dreams - in any event, last night i was dreaming of a couple that i had recently met - a man and woman - we shared a number of things in common and enjoyed intellectual dialogues etc - the couple invited me to their home for dinner and i was really happy to go - the evening began really well - we visited and talked and had dinner - but from the beginning there had been just a hint of an element of which i was uncertain and so i stuck it away into the category of "it's just my imagination" - however, after dinner, it became obvious that my discomfort with my new friends was, indeed, founded in reality - the husband decided to make amorous advances toward me in the presence of his wife who seemed perfectly happy with it - i remember seeing her standing over to my right as he leaned toward me on the sofa - and as i am rebuffing him, she attempts to persuade me to continue and even attempts to join in - well, i was not at all interested physically in him - and certainly not in her - nor in the little triangle situation - so, in my dream, i think to myself, "you know, this is just a dream and according to the macgregors, you can make them do whatever you want, so why don't you just change the scene to something you like and are interested in? and if you don't like that, you can always change it again - so have him say this or do that and act accordingly - and then have her do this or that, etc - now, they are both still on the sofa with me in my dream and i'm interacting with them, but thinking to myself as i interact - and with just that thought, he does this or that and changes the way in which he is acting and so does she - and then we have an enjoyable visit and i leave - and then awaken -

oh, and yes, macgregors, you will forgive my bringing you about in my dreams, but in my dream, i was remembering something of yours that i had read - so you became, literally, my "dreamguides" so to speak -

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