Monday, March 1, 2010

a little dream exercise...

"Am I dreaming or awake, right now?" 

Be serious, really try to answer 
the question to the best of your ability 
and be ready to justify your answer.


Deboshree said...

I think you're very much awake Jenean or else you wouldn't know about all of us.

Although I can't exactly grasp the meaning here :/

By the way, I'm not into photography my dear. I just thought there was something very intriguing about Roger's eyes.
I have decided to take up dance after my graduation.

Much love

Gerry Boyd said...

Merrily, merrily, merrily-
Life is but a dream.


hey deboshree! oh, about dreaming, haven't you ever, if only for an instant, looked about you, or at another person in the room, and it's as if you're not really "there", in that moment, in that time? and you feel so dis-connected from that moment in time? as if you are the observer? and you aren't really sure if it's all "real" in that moment, or not? as if it's a dream? anyway, that may not be a great example of what laberge is saying here, but i have had those moments - or - awakening from a dream so intensely "real" that i have had to sit on the side of the bed and look around and figure out if that's real or where i was is real - does that make sense? or, in a parallel life - so, how DO we know if the moment we are in is a dream or if we are awake? what do you think? how can we tell the difference?

have you read any of laberge's works? if not, you really should grab one - i'll try to think of one that would be a good "first" one - his work is in lucid dreams, you know - which is a favorite subject of mine -

and on photography, while i AM into it and have been all my life, even having done little commission stunts from time to time, although not in a very long time, it would be hard to miss roger's eyes - they are beautiful - as he is - and he holds a very special place in my heart as you can see -

i have been back/forth over to your blog and saw that you've made your decision for which i am thrilled! congratulations! the hardest part is always that in-between stage i think, but once the decision has been made, everything falls into place - so what is the next step for you now?

my own distractions of late have prevented my being able to be online as much as usual and when i am my time has been limited - hope things will settle down soon - i miss being here more!

thanks for coming by! see you over at your place!


so true, so true, gerry! so glad you dropped by - come again soon!