Thursday, March 4, 2010

no reason...

the best reason
for having dreams
is that in dreams
no reason is


Deboshree said...

Well said Jenean!

Btw, can I ask you something? Have I in some way offended you for I see that you have stopped following my blog.



oh, deboshree! it is so odd i open up and see your comment here cause i was just thinking of you when i got to my computer and realized i'd not been over to your place earlier - i'm not sure i know what you mean? i haven't stopped following your blog - what do you mean? what happened? i'll be over there in a minute -

Deboshree said...

You're back Jenean and thank heavens for that.
Perhaps this level of informality isn't supposed to be here on blogger but then you matter a lot to me. I seriously felt bad 'coz your blog is one which I sooo love!

It's absolutely fine if you can't find time but I want this blogging journey to be with you. I treasure you as a friend.

Much love


hey lady deboshree! listen, i'm so happy to have you at my blogs, too! and so look forward to your comments at ALL my little places - so hop around to all of them - i think there are things on each one that you will like - and i'll be back over to yours as soon as i can - right now, the sun is out at last here - and the day not as frigid - so i'm headed out and about in the sunshine and to get a bite of lunch - have a glorious day there! later - j

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Wise words and oh so love the image. Makes me wish I had a hammock like that one, tied to a couple of trees.


well, me, too, trish, on the hammock - doesn't that look too good!!!

joanne May said...

Great words, Jenean... It is important to follow your dreams, whenever possible, the best way that you can... I love the image too. I wish I had a hammock like this one, for the long, lazy summer days.
Good to see you back and thank you for your very kind comment!:)
Jo May.x


thanks so much jo - you know, can't tell you how much i would LOVE to have a hammock just like that one too! just the thought...yummy......wonderful to have you over - please come again soon, lady!!!