Sunday, March 14, 2010

the shadow men...

are the
of a


linda said...

this is a rather creepy picture somehow...rather ghostly :)


uh, it's supposed to reflect "shadows" - perhaps it did a bit too much??? ;)

Deboshree said...

Hehe..I think its a lovely picture!! Love it!!

Although I can't fathom the meaning behind the words. Please give me a hint Jenean.. :-(

Much love


there is a story of a princess who on the night her betrothed was to leave for battle at dawn, drew a silhouette of his face on the wall so as to remember him forever - and thus, created a shadow of a shadow which is what pindar tells us a human being is - the image of the other - a beloved other - of an equal -

there is a fantastic article by pedro azara online - to whom credit for the synopsis above is given - that goes into great detail - and is part of a multi-cultural exhibition called the human condition: the shadow of a dream: the human image in art - in which the complete quote of pindar is used: man's life is a day - what is he? what is he not? a shadow of a dream is man -

anyway, check out the online article i mention for more clarification or just for fantastic reading - hope this helped!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

... and women the dreams of the light...

Two "opposite" kind of creatures: women and men, but very complementary. You see, a beautiful light creates a wonderful shadow.
And there will never be a wonderful shadow without the light behind it.


oh, what a wonderful take on this, marius! marvelous! and you are right, of course! love your words 'there will never be a wonderful shadow without the light behind it' - thanks so much!!