Friday, June 26, 2009

other recent lucid dream of several weeks ago -

i dreamed a "long" dream involving someone with whom i was in a relationship for a long period of time - without going into the details of the entire dream, the ending of the dream was the most significant - in the dream, i was at my friend's "home combined with his medical practice" [in reality, he is a physician but does not have his practice in his home] and knew that i had to leave and i was to leave alone [very condensed version of entire dream] - as i was leaving, somehow, i was carrying an infant - a baby - i decided that rather than climb a steep hill to get to my car, i would go into a large stream of water which turned out to be much deeper than i had first thought - with a rapid hard current - i held the baby up above my head and while i'm trying to "walk" through the water with the baby, i realize that the current is too strong and too deep for me and that i cannot swim in it and hold the baby - then "i" tell myself that i need to "look at me" in the water to see if the water is above my head and to be sure that "i" am ok - and i do - i am again slightly above me in the water - i see the back of my wet head with my hair dripping down into the water and i see my head "bobbing" up and down as i am trying to reach the bottom to keep my footing - then i see that the water is only to my chin and i watch me navigate better to the shore and know that the worst is over - and then i go back into my dream of me in the water - and awaken -

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