Thursday, June 25, 2009

the pillars in the pasture...

one of the "oldest" dreams i remember is one that occurred when i was about 14 years old - in this dream, i was in a large field, a pasture of sorts, where tall blue-green grass rippled in the soft breeze made by little specks of fluffy white in the blueblue sky - in this dream i was part observer and part participant - i remember watching me in the dream as i ran through the pasture from the lower left corner of my "dream picture" - i was running toward the center of the pasture where there stood a two gigantically tall white pillars quite some distance apart and from the pillars there flowed beautifully soft gauzelike sheers - i was in a long white dress that was fitted at the waist with a full skirt - i also remember my running through the tall soft grass toward those pillars - i can still feel the breeze sweep my face and push my long hair backward as i ran - running to the soft white light of the sheers between the pillars - and just as i approach these beautiful sheers opening softly toward me i am watching me again - i approach close enough then that i feel the white light caressing me as i began to go through the sheers - i see me again from a distance - directly under and in the flowing sheers - but not quite to the other side - and then i awaken -


Pyzahn said...

My dreams are way too epic to write in a post. I get hand cramps writing them down. Would love for them to be short and sweet on symbolism.

I still remember dreams from childhood. On several occasions I've asked my mother about certain incidents which were so vivid I thought they had really happened.

Thanks for visiting Prattle.

gypsywoman said...

oh, hello, and thanks for dropping by - i don't know that i remember any actual "childhood" dreams - must have successfully repressed them - but i certainly know what you mean about the intensity and vividness of dreams - sometimes upon awakening, i am so unsure if my dream was a dream or if it actually happened and i've called the person or persons in my dreams to see if they were there or not - and, then, there are the dreams where someone else has the exact same dream that you have on the same night - parallel universes, perhaps? who knows - but all so intriguing...thanks again for comment and please come by any time - jenean