Friday, June 26, 2009

red and white and ice...

that thursday evening and night were much like all the others, except that during this period of time, i was once again inundated with para/perfectlynormal experiences - but, that particular day had seemed uneventful enough when i went to bed for the night between 10:30 and 11:00 pm - however, around midnight, i was awakened from a terrible dream - i mean, i was awakened suddenly, gasping for breath and sat straight up in bed - i was a bit disoriented - the dream had been so real - as if i had been there - it took a moment to grasp that i was in my own bed - and safe - in the dream that had so violently awakened me, i saw what i thought to be a large passenger plane - an airliner which i took to be a usairway plane because it was red and white [and i thought i remembered usairways having red/white planes] - in any event, i saw the front nose and long side of what i thought to be a plane - it was red, with a white streak all the way down the side - i could see the "windows of the cockpit" area and they appeared to be black - the "plane" was sinking in a large vast area of ice - i could see nothing but ice everywhere - white ice with broken blocks of ice strewn about in water - i saw no people - only the body of this huge "vessel" in the broken ice - i awoke with a start, freezing cold and shaking - when i could not shake the images of my dream, i turned on the tv for a news story of a plane crash but could not find anything - then i went to my computer but there was nothing there - so i tried going back to bed but lay awake a long time before finally falling asleep again - when i did awaken again, the first news i saw was the ship "explorer" sinking in the antarctica - it was the red "vessel" with the white stripe and "cockpit" row of windows from my dream glaring back at me from the screen -

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