Tuesday, August 11, 2009

fly with your dreams...

fly high fly low fly in fly out fly
all around
let your dreams take you

fly fly fly


Cathy said...

As a poetry/prose appreciator and fool enuf to believe I've written "not bad" prose, I'm drawn back to your poetry blog for a bit of what you use to filter this dreamworld through - since dreams are most times the chatter of the never-inactive brain speaking to itself - what do you think? Is it folly to attempt to understand its language? Or more important than we imagine?


oh, absolutely MORE important that we can imagine - don't you agree?

and i am flattered that you come back - thank you - and please do again as i do yours -

Anonymous said...

We are the stull that dreams are made of, Gypsywoman.

With what scant knowledge I have of poetry, I do believe that dreams are food for poetry. This is what makes poetry so appealing.


i think you're right, kismet!