Monday, August 10, 2009

central premonitions registry

all my life i have experienced what is referred to by many as "precognitive" dreams - and premonitions not in dreams - premonitions/dreams in which i SEE impending disaster - disastrous events - such as airplane crashes or car crashes - before they actually happen - my travel journal blog outlines just a few of those dreams - those dreams experiences are blogged there because the nature of that blog deals with metaphysical/psychic events overall - however, because i have received a number of emails from others regarding those postings, the following is delivered here so that it may be accessible to more people - one of the issues for me - and my own experiences with such dreams - is that i could find no place to turn with reports of these premonitions - no place that offered help in preventing the dreamed-of incident from occurring - however, in ROB MACGREGOR'S book PSYCHIC POWER: DISCOVER YOUR SIXTH SENSE AT ANY AGE, at pages 62-63, he gives the name of a national registry set up for just these kinds of reportings -

it is the CENTRAL PREMONITIONS REGISTRY which may be found at

please do obtain a copy of macgregor's remarkable book for yourself - not only for dream/premonition experiences - but for a very comprehensive discussion of the psychic powers possessed by us all - and easily read instructions/guidance on how to enhance our own psychic abilities -

the dreams of which i speak in my travel journal blog may be found at

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willow said...

Interesting blog, I don't think I've visited this one. (you have sooo many!) Thanks for directing me here. I'm fascinated by dreams.


well, thanks so much for coming by - and feel free to drop back any time at all - have a wonderful day -