Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the door...

is the small
hidden door

in the deepest and most intimate
sanctum of the soul,
which opens to that
primeval cosmic night

that was

long before there was conscious ego
and will be
far beyond
what a
conscious ego
could ever reach.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love this quote. In the end, isn't it where we all live?


and i love this quote too - just speaks so directly to the truth for us all - don't know how i'd missed it prior to the other day when i came across it somewhere - but i do love it! thanks for coming over and leaving a note - have a glorious day!

Cathy said...

Alot of depth here. Are you saying the sanctum sanctorum is accessible to anyone? But "anyone" means awareness, you can't exist without being aware - even if you're mentally faulty. By finding something "hidden", the dream-door, and going thru means entering a "primeval" place "that was soul" how can you "know" w/o consciousness? Without collective consciousness how would we be aware of our quest? Perhaps this non-being non-entity "soul" did exist before awareness did, but it's like the tree falling and no one hears it, what sound does it make - you remember that. Same thing, if there's no consciousness to contemplate what a soul is, how can it exist? Isn't a soul or spirit connected directly to our ability to recognize it? Lotsa questions lol sorry! It shows I really pondered this one!


hi cathy - so glad to see you here - and girl, you DID ponder - and beautifully deeply so! how wonderful your thought, insight, perspective - i think the key word in this situation is perhaps "ego" - just now i briefly glanced at an excerpt from jungian psychology in perspective at page 24 [which i was unable to copy and paste - but i googled jung and conscious ego to find it] - complex pondering for sure and would that i had the physical/mental whatever it would take for an in-depth discussion - i'm still fighting this silly bug the fatigue carries on - in any event, thank you ever so much for initiating such a delicious pondering - let's pick up with it again once i have done away with this uckyinmyhead stuff! :)

please come again soon! it's always a pleasure!