Monday, August 17, 2009


- night of full moon - june 2009
i was dreaming and knew in the dream that i was dreaming and something seemed to "awaken" a part of me at some point - i "awakened" when i heard an odd sound coming from my mouth and i "thought" i better "see" what was happening because of the weird nature of the sound with my breathing - and the next thing, "i" was slightly above "me" who was still sleeping and at the same time, "i" told "myself" to make the breathing sound again so that "i" could "see" if my lips were moving when it was made - and "i" did and "i" saw my lips moving as "i" made the gutteral sounds while still "sleeping" - and then "i" said to my sleeping self that "i" should awaken because of the breathing problem - and i did - awaken -

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