Thursday, November 5, 2009

the answers...

dreams are 
today's answers
to tomorrow's questions -


linda said...

hmmm, todays answer is tomorrow's question i guess....what fun is that? well, today's question has yet to surface, other than why do I now have the flu, sooooooo, now it's almost time for bed, and that was a question not an answer so we will shall see for tomorrow i suppose...what do you think, my dear gypsy who is lovely in every single photo/banner ... you have put these up recently or am i just out of it?


well, prettylady, you know, you're right now that i think about it - what fun IS IT!!! and NOW the flubug has attacked!!! that's just not right, is it? poor thing! so let's have today's answer be "linda is feeling wonderful" so that tomorrow's question of "how are you feeling today dear?" gets the right answer - or SOMEthing! :)

so sorry you're down and under but knowing you, you'll be out flinging bright brilliant beautiful colors all over a canvas before we can blink our eyes!

oh, the photo thing - i was getting bored with same ole same ole last week or so [story of my life - getting bored] so thought i'd shuffle things up a bit! and the LEO LIONESS decided vanity was not an issue in putting up huge photos of myself for all the world to enjoy!!! girl, can you hear me LOL LOL LOL??????

feel better, suga!


i mean, the LIONESS owes it to her loyal royal subjects, don't you think? ok - i'm gonna stop!!!!!! LOL LOL!!!! sorry, dear linda, i'm just feelin' silly this morning!!!

The Abbot said...

Dreams are future experiences.