Monday, November 23, 2009

the lover's dream...


do i love you
because you're beautiful
or are you beautiful
because i love you?
am i making believe
i see in you
a woman too perfect
to be really true?
do i want you
because you're wonderful
or are you wonderful
because i want you?
are you the sweet invention
of a lover's dream
or are you really as
beautiful as you seem?


Gerry Boyd said...

ah yes, the conundrum of reality and illusion and which is which.


so true!
thanks so much for coming by and leaving a note - especially for following along here!

Deboshree said...

Beautiful means beauuuuttiiifuuulll!!!

You know something,today I dreamt of the guy I had a crush on for 6 years. It was back in school and the dream stayed with me all day. He never liked me but in the dream he fell in love with me!
The name of the poem made me smile 'coz I still have the dream in my mind.
Lovely..I love your thoughts.

Lots of love


i'm thrilled that you found something of substance here, deboshree - and listen, who is to say which is which - the dream world or this one? i very rarely can tell the difference myself! :)

Deboshree said...

I really really admire your thinking!
Do you think I should maintain a dream journal?
I had read quite a few books by Brian Weiss and I was totally stunned! I didn't know what to believe and what not to believe anymore!
It was said that our dreams are actually doors to our past fascinating that is!!

Have you ever seen your past lives?

I would love to know for I can't believe in it till the time I actually hear someone tell me that yes Deboshree, I have seen my past lives.

Glad to have found you!
Lots of love

The Watcher said...

Thought provoking.

Cathy said...

Ah yes. Quote on, Gypsy Dreamer.

Anonymous said...

The questioning eye, the wondering heart. Is it a figment or factual. Too good to be true? Only time will reveal which is which. Beautiful, as always GW.