Saturday, November 14, 2009

the identity...

there is a moment upon just 
waking up from a dream 
when you experience 
a startling shift in perspective
in that moment you realize that 
the life you were most recently leading - 
the life in your dream
was merely a product of your imagination
in this transition period your return 
to the waking world often seems 
like the termination of an illusion...
awakening from a lucid dream 
can be just as startling...
because the conscious realization
that you are dreaming does not 
dilute the power of your 
dream identity at all.


linda said...

this is something of what it's like to lucid dream...and something of what it is not like too i suppose as to lucid dream is to hold every intention of not going into the dream state but to use it to go places our bodies hold us back abrupt return so much as waking up with a sigh of regret that one must begin the waking part while wanting to be in the lucid dream state...i think i sound like i am sleep walking /talking so will simply shut the door and go back to sleep :)

Susan Deborah said...

Yes. This kind of a realisation sometimes seems so paranormal.

Lovely visual.

An aside: Only in visuals as these you get to see voluptuous women and thats a relief!!!

Nevine said...

An ethereal feeling is always delivered by this type of dreaming. We awaken with a sense of floating in time-space and not really knowing the difference between what is real and what is not. I think that it is in these moments that we find our true selves playing out within us, those true selves we sometimes shy from in full waking awareness. Dreaming... what would we do without it? Gypsywoman, your treasure trove is endless. An awesome quote, with a perfectly lovely image!



oh, linda! i knew what you were saying and it didn't sound like sleepwalking or talking! just dream-talkin'!!! :)


well, as i like to say, susan, so "perfectlynormal"! :)


i've sat on the side of the bed more times than i could count, trying to decide which was which - dream vs. now and now vs. dream - i know you know what i mean! and you're so right about finding our true selves - thanks so much, nevine, for coming by and for such sweet notes! have a wonderful remainder of the day!