Friday, November 13, 2009

the awakening...

She entered the story knowing 
she would emerge from it 
feeling she had been 
immersed in the lives of others, 
in plots that stretched back twenty years, 
her body full of sentences and moments
as if awakening from sleep 
with a heaviness caused by 
unremembered dreams.


Life, Uncharted. said...

Oh wow, this is beautiful! Love it. So much can be said in few words. I read this several times and walked away with a treasured reward each time. The picture is perfect.


thanks - i loved the print, too - and the words - well, i loved every word of the english patient! thanks for coming by!

Nevine said...

Isn't The English Patient just engrossing? It's one of those movies that stick to the ribs. That's a lovely quote, Gypsywoman, and the image gives it a nuanced meaning.


Deborah said...

Truly a favorite movie of mine. The things you pull out of your lovely velvet hat, GYPSYWOMAN! Beautiful.
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the art selection!
Much Love,

Harnett-Hargrove said...

What beautiful sentence, full of the human condition. -J


oh, there's one of my all time favorites of favorites spiritsisters, deborah! hey lady! girl, i just wish i had some hats like yours and then i could really be doing some PULLING!!! gotta get some for winter [hats] - yours are such statements in every sense! thank you for your always wonderful notes - they are a ray of sunshine on the bleakest of days!


hi jayne - yes, you are so right - full of the human condition - and that particular film is just magnificent i think - and speaks throughout of the human condition! thanks so much for coming by and please come again soon - have a wonderful day!

Earth-ling said...

lovely =]


oh, hi earth-ling - thank you so much for coming by and leaving me a note!!! please drop by anytime at all - have a wonderful remainder of the weekend!


dearest nevine - i cannot tell you how much i love the english patient, let alone how many times i've watched it - beautiful, in all ways! and this image - the moment i saw it i thought of the english patient!

Marguerite said...

Such a great movie and pic! And I love this part,
"awakening from sleep
with a heaviness caused by
unremembered dreams".
Maybe that's why I feel so "out of it" when I wake up. It takes two cups of strong Louisiana coffee, for me to wake up. Unremembered dreams! Thanks for the insight!


i love that line too - course, there are lots of lines i love from this film - thanks so much for coming by - i've been thinking louisianadays all day today!